Tools we use: VIM

2ret-vim image

A big part of creating Web Applications is to write code. We spend a lot of time in text editor and therefore it has to be an extension of ourselves. We each have our own preference at Code Genome. Some of us like to use textmate, while others prefer emacs or a full IDE like RubyMine.

I personally prefer using VIM, as it allows me to:

  • consistently use the same development and system administration environment, whether it be on a Mac OS or Unix system;
  • minimize the use of the mouse, which greatly improves my focus and productivity;
  • efficiently edit and navigate my source code.

VIM has a steep learning curve. Based on personal experience, it can be very intimidating at first. I know first hand, as I have failed a couple of times prior to switching from textmate. Thankfully, one day you eventually get the right tutorials and VIM configuration (.vimrc) and before long, you find yourself navigating better through your files, and you start to remember more and more shortcuts and keys.

Today, I would like to share my VIM setup. It’s easy to install with this one liner command:

curl -L -o - | sh

It’s still a work in progress considering some details need to be ironed-out, but I am quite happy with it and am using this as my work setup. The distribution’s README is available on github, do not hesitate to check it out…